The best dancers and artists of China present in “SWAN LAKE – The acrobatic sensation from Far East” a fantastic show. Power, grace and perfection of Asian art of circus ennoble the classical ballet. Supported by the unique music of Tchaikovsky's „Schwanensee“ the artists of SWAN LAKE unveil all facets of their skills.

The Dream

A firework of Chinese acrobatic accompanies in this sensational show a European prince who sees in a deep dream a giant eagle swooping down on earth, taking a beautiful girl under its wings and flying away with her.  With his evil spell the eagle turns the girl into a beautiful swan. Waking up, the prince feels that he has desperately fallen in love with the swan princess and he swears to save her from the jaws of the eagle.

The Quest

In search of his beloved princess the prince boards a ship and travels around the world. Even the magnificent river Nile and the scenic Southeast Asia cannot stop his pace. With graceful power and incomparable body control his crew climbs and flies like daredevils from mast to mast. Big and small gym wheels roll and flow like waves and seem to waltz to Tchaikovsky´s music. The long journey of the prince stops in the Forbidden City of China, where he is received from toe dancing and hat juggling girls. He feels that this is the end of his search and that his dream lover is near.

The enchanted lake

Near the palace he finally finds the enchanted forest and the lakeside, which he has seen in his dream. The swan princess appears, recognizes the prince as her saver and both are very happy of having found each other. They dance with great grace, accompanied by a group of swans swimming around. Suddenly the black eagle appears, breaks all the sweetness and takes away the princess once more. Four frogs emerge and for several minutes they “dance” solely on their hands before the prince continues his desperate search.

The cave

The eagle takes the prince to his eerie cave and presents him a tempting black swan girl in order to stop him chasing the real swan princess. The prince mistakes the black swan as his lover and dances with her. The eagle mocks the prince and shows him his poor beloved that is still captured. Both start to fight and the eagle´s combatants persuade with peak performances at the trampoline, trapeze and on the unicycle. The swan princess goes back to the lakeside in grieved mood, truly convinced that the prince will marry the black swan. But finally, the prince triumphs over the eagle and in the end true love is winning.

The salvation / Pas de Deux

The prince and his princess meet each other in an ocean of swans that are dancing on roller-skates. Like the famous picture of “Schwanensee” they seem to float onto the stage. Gracefully they are the setting for the numerously awarded “Pas de Deux”, in which classical ballet and unique Asian circus art merge with indescribable effortlessness into a perfect entity! After the black eagle is defeated and the evil is banished, all swans turn finally into beautiful girls and in the end the prince marries his beloved princess in a colorful sea of flowers.  A dream comes true!

"People usually talk about the skill of acrobats and the beauty of ballet. Now. they can talk about the beauty of acrobats and the skill of ballet."
(ZHAO Ming, SWAN LAKE-Choreograph, Int. Herald Tribune)